Monday, October 11, 2010

MSCRM in Chrome Browser

Have you ever wanted to use CRM from a browser other than IE?  Well with the help of the IE Tab extension for Google's Chrome browser you can view MSCRM within Chrome.

So if you like to use Chrome and do not like jumping back and forth between IE and Chrome, install the IE Tab extension and you can use MSCRM from you Chrome browser.

Monday, October 4, 2010

AccessRight and PrivilegeDepthMask Columns in dbo.PrivilegeBase and dbo.RolePrivilege

The table dbo.RolePrivileges in the MSCRM database contains a table named RolePrivileges.  This table defines the privilieges given to each security role in CRM.  Within this table is a column labeled PrivilegeDepthMask, which defines the scope of the privilege.  Below is table that list the scope granted by each value that is valid for this column

Value Scope
1 User
2 Business Unit
4 Parent: Child
8 Organisation

Now the records in the dbo.RolePrivileges table are linked to dbo.PrivilegeBase which contains a column labeled AccessRight.  The value of this column defines the action the privilege is associated to.  Below is a table that list the action granted by each value that is valid for this column

Value Action
1 Read
2 Writet
4 Append
16 Append To
32 Create
65536 Delete
262144 Share
524288 Assign